Women's Fashions

Women’s fashion contain designs worn by women. A lot of my designs are unisex, so you will see them in multiple categories. This includes many of the wraps, pants, shorts, scarves, hats, coats, and jackets. Dean knits everything because I know if I do it I won’t have to replace it in the future.
If you don’t see what you want, please call or email to make a special order. I will send photographs to your phone or email and we can discuss different colorways and textures. I have a lot of knitwear, so I am sure there are many colors, styles, and even designs that have not made it to my website yet. As much as I try to keep up, I always seem to be lagging.
Women’s knitwear contains designs worn by women, but you will notice most of the sweaters are unisex and just haven’t been added to this category yet. I am one person trying to do the work of many.
Everything I design and knit are original pieces. I get my inspiration from many different things. The outdoors, interior design, and mostly watching women. If you don’t feel good wearing something, you most likely don’t look good either. These are just a few things that inspire me and my designs. Just because it has a famous designers logo on it does not mean it looks good. Always remember that Simple elegance will Never go out of style.

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