Tips for Wearing a Cardigan With Style

If you think cardigans are just for Mr. Rogers and your grandpa, think again! Cardigans are versatile, comfortable and, yes, stylish.

Here are some tips for wearing a cardigan with style:

  • First of all, get the right fit. Avoid anything too loose or baggy. The cardigan should fit close enough to your body that the V-neck doesn’t gape when you bend over. Also make sure that it’s not too tight. Straining buttons are a sign you need a looser fit.
  • Always button the middle button(s) of your cardigan, but never the bottom button. You want the cardigan to flare over your waist.
  • Cardigans are the perfect un-jacket. For those spring or fall days when there’s a chill in the air but it’s not cold enough to sport a heavier jacket, try a wool cardigan. Go for a shawl-collar cardigan, which is made from a thicker, chunkier knit and looks great styled with plain T-shirts, raw denim and cool sneakers.
  • On cold days, you still have to be prepared for a variety of temps. It may be frigid outside, but warmer indoors. Cardigans are the perfect piece to layer under your coat.
  • Get a cool European summer vibe with a longline cardigan in a light knit. It’s the perfect transitional piece as spring warms into summer.

Now that you know how to rock a cardigan in style, it’s time to buy one (or a few). At DC Knits, we have a wide selection of soft, luxurious cardigans in all the colors of the rainbow. Check us out online and place your order today!