Why Your Dog Needs a Sweater This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! And for your sweet canine friend, it’s likely cold inside too. We can all agree that dog sweaters are one of the cutest things ever, right? It turns out; they’re not only cute, but necessary for many dogs during the colder months. Read on to learn which dogs need sweaters in the winter and why the reasons go way beyond fashion.

Dogs that need sweaters in cold weather

Smaller dogs, such as toy breeds and Chihuahuas, usually need some help keeping warm because they are closer to the ground and easily absorb the cooler temperature. Dogs with short or thin coats, such as whippets or greyhounds, need a sweater because their fur wasn’t designed to keep them warm.

Older dogs, dogs with diseases, and dogs with weak immune systems need an extra source of warmth because they get cold easily. Poodles and other breeds with thick coats that are often trimmed short would have enough fur to avoid a sweater if it was to grow longer. Since most owners keep these dogs trimmed due to hygiene and appearance, adding a cute little sweater will make sure they stay nice and cozy.

Know your dog

The important thing to remember about dogs and sweaters is that it depends on the unique needs of the dog. It’s important to know the breed of your dog, the type of coat they have, and how they personally respond to cold temperatures.

Remember, dogs can overheat too, so you don’t want to put a sweater on a larger dog with a dense coat of fur.

Sweaters are needed inside and out

Your dog may need to wear the sweater all season long, whether he’s indoors or outside. Remember, too, that a sweater doesn’t protect a dog from extreme temperatures and frostbite.

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